Men’s Hair Services


The Sharper Look Haircut

50 mins

The Sharper Look Haircut is a customized service for the client to acheive his most desired hair style. Includes consultation, haircut, steam towel, scalp massage/shampoo/conditioner, refreshing skincare, hair dry and style.


The Sharper Look Buzz Cut or Head Shave

45 mins

The Sharper Look Buzz Cut, (one guard used) scalp massage/ shampoo, steam towel, refreshing skin conditioning treatment.


The Sharper Look Head Shave, steam towel, hot shave lather with razor used, cold towel, aftershave and refreshing skin treatment.


Permanent Hair Color

55 mins

Long lasting, full color coverage of grey hair, facial steam towel, scalp massage/shampoo/conditioner, hydrating skincare and hair styling.


Camouflage Color

45 mins

Camouflage Color is a Demi-Permanent hair color that blends in the grey. It fades on tone with every wash without leaving lines of demarkation when growing out. It is ideal for the individual who wants more of a natural look and tone to their grey.




Beard Trim

30 mins

Beard Trim service includes detailing/shaping of the beard, dry shave, steam towel, face toner and argan oil treatment.


Seamud Mask Detox Treatment

40 mins

The Sea Mud Mask Detox is a luxurious, organic facial treatment that deep cleanses the skin, removes impurities and increases circulation. In addition, Activated Charcoal prevents absorbing toxins. Skin toner is then added to close the pores along with moisturizer which replenishes and hydrates the skin. The results will leave your skin feeling renewed, refreshed, and regenerated.


Eyebrow Wax

20 mins


Eyebrow Wax is a customized brow shaping/cleanup technique with hot wax and strips. Soothing aloe post wax treatment


An Eyebrow Tweeze is great for the person with sensitive skin to waxing. Eyebrow shaping is achieved by cleaning up the strays with tweezers.

Eyebrow Tweeze

30 mins