Ladies’ Hair Services


Ladies Full Service Haircut

90 mins

Includes consultation, massaging hair wash/ conditioning, haircut, steam towel/skincare treatment (optional), dry and thermal style.


Ladies Dry Haircut

45 mins

Haircut and style without wash.



55 mins

Long lasting, full color coverage of grey hair, facial steam towel, scalp massage/shampoo/conditioner, hydrating skincare and hair styling.


Men’s Camouflage Color

45 mins

Camouflage Color is a Demi-Permanent hair color that blends in the grey. It fades on tone with every wash without leaving lines of demarkation when growing out. It is ideal for the individual who wants more of a natural look and tone to their grey.




Eyebrow Wax

30 mins

Eyebrow shaping with warm wax and strips, soothing aloe post wax, concealer, brow makeup and gel.


Lash Tint

35 mins

This service is for anyone that wants to darken their natural lashes to bring out their eyes. It typically last 3-6 weeks.


Facial Waxing

10-40 mins


Waxing on any areas of the face, upper lip, chin,


Includes consultation, Microblading (eyebrows). 4 week touchup to perfect brows $50 extra.


120 mins